Privacy Policy

SAARAA respects the privacy of all users of its site and makes sure that the personal information provided, remains protected. SAARAA holds all personal information that is received from the Client as personal and confidential. SAARAA reserves the right to verify if necessary your personal data on to third parties.

SAARAA maintains and uses only e-mail addresses that directly is provided to us. SAARAA is allowed to use the personal data for their own promotional activities, such as newsletter. If the Client does not appreciate unsolicited advertising, the Client can at any time unsubscribe and oppose the continuing use of the personal data for commercial communications, by email to SAARAA, at the following e-mail address email. The possibility to unsubscribe is also provided to the Client in each relevant email from SAARAA.

All Client personal information is kept strictly confidential and are the legal rules regarding protection of personal data and privacy strictly respected. When we want to use your information for certain purposes, which are not (yet) provide in this privacy policy, we share this in advance, so you can give your permission. The Client has the right at any time to change or remove her personal information.
For questions and/or comments, you can send an e-mail to email or send a letter to Market Your Jewelry B.V. (SAARAA Jewelry) , CIC Rotterdam, 4th floor of Groot Handels Gebouw, 3013AK, Rotterdam, The Netherlands


SAARAA Jewelry brings the essence of creativities to personalities of the fabulous empower women in the world.


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